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Top performers are constantly confronted with stress and its consequences. Constant stress can lead to long-term health issues on cognitive, physical and on psychological levels. Chronic pain, Burnout and deterioation of work performance are implication of human deregulation. Further outcomes are  absenteeism of staff and economic damage.


Health-Enhancing Activities and Measures means

Happy, Healthy and Efficiently Working Staff - long-term !


Boost your employee loyalty and become even more attractive for top experts you want in your team. Be the healthiest Businesses of your branch, train your staff and push your Company to the next level.

Top work performance - cognitive and physical

Outstanding Performance comes from outstanding employees. Let us be the trainer for your staff to create a top work performance for better results. We help creating a  healthy and resourceful work atmosphere for long-term top work performance. If you see it in your employees, you will see it in your numbers!



WindelerMotion's Health Concepts


Boost your physical and mental fitness

Keep yourself in Balance and stay calm

Workshops for trainees Managers and CEO's 

Health Promotion for your company


Group- and personal coachings


Workplace Health Promotion for fit and vital employees 


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